Open Pottery Studio Begins June 2, 2021
Open Sewing Studio Beginning Soon!
Check Back for Details!

Pottery Open Studio

•  Do you prefer to work on your own?
•  Do you like to be creative without specific time restraints to complete a project or idea?
•  Do you want to improve your craft, but do not have space or materials at home?
•  Do you enjoy being creative and socially engaged with other creative individuals?

Pottery Open Studio

According to our Members, Art Students and our Community the answer to each of those questions is a resounding “YES”!  And because we listen to you, we are offering two NEW creative opportunities, an Open Pottery Studio and an Open Sewing Studio at the Suffolk Center.

Welcome to the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts!  We hope to see YOU in a Class and in a Studio!

Have Questions? • Need Help With Registration?
Please contact:
Rick Byrd, Education Manager

Experienced potters may use our equipment and kilns for independent projects once they have taken a pottery class with us at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. 

Though open studio time is purchased as a “class,” you are truly on your own! ​Use the class registration to purchase a Single Session or a Six-Session Ticket, each includes glazing and firing.  Studio High Fire Stoneware 240 Clay is not included, but available for purchase in both 25 lb. and 50 lb. blocks in advance. 

All sessions and clay must be paid prior to attending the Open Studio.

Our fully equipped pottery studio will allow you to explore your creativity with this lovely hands-on medium.  The studio has 8 wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, and many other tools for any throwing or hand-building project.  Skilled pottery instructors will be available to answer your questions or provide you with assistance.

The Open Studio is open on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm (beginning June 2nd) and Wednesday evenings from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (beginning June 23rd).  Additional times will be added to the schedule as the need arises.

If purchasing a Single Session, it may be for either one morning class (3 hr max) or one evening class (3 hr max).   Single Session $25.00 (includes studio glazes and bisque firing)  Does not include clay.

If purchasing a Six-Session Ticket, you may use both morning and evening times with each visit limited to a 3hr max.   Six-Sessions Package $125.00  (includes studio glazes and bisque firing)  Does not include clay.

Clay (Studio 240 High Fire Stoneware)  25 lbs.  $25.00
50 lbs.  $45.00

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Details of our Open Sewing Studio are forthcoming.  Check back again!