The mission of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is to encourage and advocate the visual and performing arts by providing a forum where diverse audiences can actively participate in cultural experiences. The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is committed ​to supporting the economic vitality of Suffolk by enhancing the life experiences of our citizens and visitors.

If you are interested in job or internship opportunities, please contact Susan Lawrence at 757-923-0003 or submit your resume and areas of interest to Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, Attn: Susan Lawrence, 110 W. Finney Avenue, Suffolk, VA 23434.



Support the operations and mission of the Center via day-to-day accounting functions.

Reviews, monitors and processes a variety of fiscal transactions. Reconciles accounts and maintains records. Receives and accounts for cash transactions, performs billing. Reviews account payable transactions for accurate documentation. Processes payments, develops and monitors budgets and financial reports. Assists in budget preparation and compiles information pertaining to budgets, accounts, inventories and other financial operations. Enter data into spreadsheets, ledgers, and other forms. Responds to inquiries; checks accounting transactions to resolve discrepancies. Support administration activities such as monitoring grant funding and expenditures, box office and gift shop. Able to multi-task and wear many hats in a fast paced environment. Able to prioritize and possesses organization and problem solving skills which support and enable sound decision making. And performs any other duties delegated by the Executive Director.


  • Bachelors in accounting or business or equivalent experience
  • 5 years work experience in a financial position
  • Requires good interpersonal skills in dealing with multiple departments
  • IT experience
  • Proficient in PC skills
  • Proficient in accounting software including Quickbooks, POS and excel
  • Must be able to work flexible schedule


  • Work closely with accounting firm representative to reconcile and maintain sound financial practices and systems
  • Provide support for annual reviews with audit every 3 years
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting
  • Collect time and data from employees
  • Convey employee work schedules to Payroll Company
  • Provide financial information for grant applications
  • Deliver A/P’s to Executive Director for authorization of payment
  • Maintain vendor files
  • Human resources management
  • Prepare banks deposits twice weekly, more if needed
  • Reconciliation of development, box office, gift shop and other funds
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Print online credit card receipts for tickets, classes and donations
  • Print customer sales report and payment detail from Ovation, and Cardconnect
  • Financial files/support for POS
  • Reconcile balance sheet and bank accounts
  • Prepare P&L for performances
  • Prepare P&L for classes
  • Prepare 1099’s
  • Development Support

Salary and Benefits – This is a full time, salaried position. Salary is based on experience. Benefits include paid vacation, paid holidays, and employer cost-share of health insurance and retirement plan.

EMAIL Cover Letter and Résumé to:
Deadline for applications is June 19, 2020

The mission of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is to encourage and advocate the visual and performing arts by providing a forum where diverse audiences can actively participate in cultural experiences. The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is committed to supporting the economic vitality of Suffolk by enhancing the life experiences of our citizens and visitors.



This job is one part-time position held at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. It is divided into two responsibilities described below.

Job Description: Jester’s Gallery Shop Manager
The position of the manager of Jester’s Gallery Shop is to oversee the day to day operations of the shop and to oversee the training and scheduling of other employees in Jester’s. This includes many aspects from the first contact with artists to the actual displaying of their work, selling it, and paying the artists. These duties are best detailed by using bullet points and grouping areas of focus.


  • Manager has input into hiring employees for Jester’s with the SCCA E.D.
  • Manager is responsible for training new employees in all aspects of the shop in which the new employee will be involved
  • The manager makes the schedule for coverage of open hours of operation, preferably month by month. This schedule should be shared with E.D., finance director and H.R.
  • The manager will schedule annual evaluations of all employees of Jester’s. These will be coordinated with SCCA E.D. and H.R.


  • The manager oversees the process of contacting new artists and/or, jurying their work to determine if it is a good addition to the shop.
  • Manager oversees both wholesale and consignment artists.
  • Manager maintains inventory files of consignment artists work ,when it is in the shop ,sold or returned to the artists.
  • Manager contacts consignment artists to pick up or change out inventory.
  • If a wholesale artist, the manager is responsible for ordering inventory ,receiving inventory, sending invoices to finance director and making sure the invoices are paid on time.


  • Wholesale: assign inventory numbers; make a purchase order, receive all inventory; send invoices to finance director and maintain files on all wholesale accounts
  • Consignment inventory: assign numbers to inventory; keep files on inventory; record inventory received, returned, or sold.
  • Price, tag all inventory.
  • Display all inventory in shop and display case in lobby.


  • Manager is responsible for compiling monthly consignment artists’ payment requests. These are sent to the finance manager by the 5th of the month. Consignment payments are due to the artists on the 15th of the month after work sells. Consignment ratio is 60/40.
  • Manager is the signer of checks for the gallery shop.
  • Consignment checks are signed by the manager and mailed.
  • Manager handles purchase orders of wholesale work, receives the inventory, sends invoices to the finance manager, then signs the checks for the wholesale artists.
  • Manager prints out monthly state tax reports; pays the state taxes electronically; sends a copy of the tax payment to the finance manager; files the monthly tax report.
  • Manager works with the Finance manager to review the P&L for the gallery shop. It is recommended this be a monthly review.
  • “Wish list” requests for budgeted items are compiled by the manager and sent to the E.D and the finance manager at the time requested.


  • Manager is responsible for ordering supplies for the shop as needed. When ordered, invoices must be sent to the finance manager. Checks are then signed by manager.
  • Supplies monitored include: shopping bags, tissue paper, labels, boxes, ribbon, price labels, bubblewrap, etc.
  • Storage of supplies is overseen by the manager.

Daily operations:

  • Manager oversees the opening procedure of the shop.
  • Manager oversees and trains employees as to customer service, stressing its importance.
  • Manager makes sure shop is kept clean and visually pleasing with artistic displays.
  • Manager oversees the daily close out of the shop and the uploading of daily transactions to quick books.
  • Manager checks to be sure all employees work time is correctly logged into QB at the end of the day.
  • Manager makes decisions with the staff of Jester’s on any sales or specials in the shop.

On-Line Sales:

  • Manager oversees the maintenance of the new on-line sales site. This can either be by the manager or a person assigned the job by the manager, E.D. and H.R.
  • Manager makes decisions with the staff on items to be put on line as well as on-line specials.


  • Manager communicates with marketing director for any specials or new artists that are to be promoted on the website, e-blasts, or social media.
  • Manager communicates with marketing to be sure of deadlines for any marketing.

Special events and holidays:

  • Manager works with the staff to schedule special events or sales promotions in the shop.
  • Manager schedules decorating the shop for any holidays.
  • Christmas season decorations usually go up last week of October or first week of November.

Job Description: Suffolk Center Gallery Coordinator
The gallery coordinator is in charge of scheduling the two SCCA galleries for the season. They must then oversee the season in all aspects from the first contact with the artists to when the work is returned to the artists or sold.

Details of the aspects of the job of Gallery Coordinator are as follows:

  • Gallery schedule for the season.
  • Coordinators will plan the gallery season, working with in any confines of the SCCA calendar.
  • There is freedom for the coordinators to explore new and different gallery exhibits.
  • The season should be planned by April of the year before the season opens.
  • The season should be sent to E.D. for approval.
  • After approval, the schedule is sent to marketing to be included in the promotions for the upcoming season.
  • Coordinators are to get all information and images to marketing for promotions. This needs to be done on a timeline established with marketing.

Exhibit details to be covered by coordinators:

  • Coordinators work with marketing to plan and create posters, postcards, titles and ,gallery lettering for each exhibit.
  • Coordinators create the prospectus for each exhibit.
  • Coordinators establish dates for artwork drop off; hanging dates, opening reception dates, end of exhibit dates and artwork pick up dates.
  • If the exhibit is a juried exhibit, coordinators will engage the service of a qualified juror.

Exhibit inventory:

  • Exhibit inventory is put into point of sale as consignment inventory.
  • Items must be priced and labels created.
  • A notebook with all artists’ applications and inventory sheets is maintained throughout the exhibit and payment of artists. Then the exhibit paper work is filed in chronological order.
  • A financial total for the value of the entire exhibit is to be turned into the financial manager as soon as possible for insurance coverage of artwork while housed at SCCA.
  • Coordinators are responsible for setting dates of artwork pickup after the exhibit concludes.

Artwork sales:

  • Coordinators are to handle sales of artwork through the sales system in Jester’s
  • Coordinators request payment of consignment work sold in the galleries. Requests go to the finance manager in time to pay the artists by the 15th of the month after the sale.
  • Coordinators request that sold items stay until the exhibit ends.

Gallery displays and reception:

  • Coordinators are responsible for turning in a list of items needed for the galleries to the E.D. and finance manager. ( lights,hanngers,etc)This should be done in time for the annual budget.
  • The gallery is closed in July. This is a time for repairs, painting and general cleaning to be ready for the upcoming season.
  • Coordinators work with the facilities team to handle the actual hanging of the galleries.
  • Galleries should be totally hung/displayed and labeled 48 hrs before the opening to allow for lighting and cleaning of the galleries.
  • Coordinators work to make artistic decisions of the setup of the galleries.
  • Opening Reception: coordinators are in charge of decisions for the gallery opening reception including: caterer/music/setup such as microphone or podium. They relay information of the featured artist or group to the E.D. or sponsor that will be making introductions. They also coordinate with the person at SCCA in charge of volunteers to have extra help on opening night.

Salary and Benefits – This is a part-time, hourly position. Pay is based on experience.

EMAIL Cover Letter and Résumé to:
Deadline for applications is June 19, 2020.

The mission of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is to encourage and advocate the visual and performing arts by providing a forum where diverse audiences can actively participate in cultural experiences. The Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is committed to supporting the economic vitality of Suffolk by enhancing the life experiences of our citizens and visitors.


Suffolk Center Summer Camp volunteers primarily serve as classroom aides and are responsible for helping to ensure that campers have a positive and safe camp experience. Work is completed under the direction of Classroom Instructors and the Education Manager. Camp Volunteers must be aged 15 by June 1, 2020 and must be able to commit to a week-long camp (Monday-Friday, 8:30m-3:00pm)

2020 Summer Camps Dates:

  • July 27-31  | ART Camp   | Draw, Paint, Sculpt & More! | Ages 6-13
  • August 3-7  | Theater Camp: | Embracing The Stage | Ages 6-13
  • August 10-14 | STEAM Camp: | Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math | Ages 6-13
  • August 17-21 | MUSIC Camp  | All Things Music | Ages 6-13

Questions? Call our Education Manager, Gavin Harper, at 757-923-0003 ext 103 or email