Walk on the Wild Side 2022

Walk on The Wild Side 2022
ON VIEW: March 24 – May 3, 2022
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, March 24th, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts presents an exciting new art exhibition, Walk on the Wild Side, depicting the beauty of wildlife throughout our region and the world. The exhibit features highly collectible decoys, wildlife, and waterfowl art.

Walk on the Wild Side art exhibition showcases wildlife artists working in woodcarving, paints, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. This exhibition showcases many talented wildlife artists while featuring six artists: carvers Jim Gordon, Art Latimer, Marty Linton, Doug Brady, wildlife painter Linda Phillips, and wildlife photographer and painter Janet Ogren.

WotWS Peoples Choice Award VOTING

VOTE for your favorite Walk on The Wild Side 2022 piece of wildlife artwork in the People’s Choice Award through May 3, 2022.

Suffolk Center’s two award-winning Art Galleries are FREE and OPEN to the public, Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10 AM – 4 PM.

Enjoy this 2-minute Gallery Tour of ‘WALK on the WILD SIDE’ wildlife art exhibition. Suffolk Center’s art galleries are brimming with 179 amazing artworks created by 48 Artists: decoys, paintings, sculptures, mixed media work, and wildlife photographs.

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Walk on the Wild Side 2022 FEATURED ARTISTS

Artist Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon
Medium: Sculptor/Carver

Featured Artist
After retiring as Director of Court services in Virginia’s Fifth Judicial District, Jim Gordon decided to see if he had any talent or promise in wood carving.  He had been a fan of folk art and, specifically wood carving, for years and was envious of friends Ryan Dockiewicz and Pete Peterson, who could turn a block of juniper into something both creative and beautiful, with what appeared to him to be of little effort.  Approximately four years ago, he completed his first piece—a snow goose silhouette, that he gave to his sister, Jan.  She fell in love with these birds while on a nature trip.  His attempts at making birds, fish, marine mammals, and the like has been an adventure for him ever since, but he has learned something with each piece he makes.

Artist Marty Linton

Marty Linton
Medium: Decoy Artist

Featured Artist
Marty is originally from a small island on the bayside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia called Saxis.  Water-fowling has not always been a tradition but a way of life for this small community of islanders.  Marty is no exception; he keeps the tradition alive by producing beautiful wildfowl art. Marty began his carving career at the age of 12 with Gerald Moore of Saxis Island.  He continued through high school working with other carvers.  Marty really began to take carving serious in 2005 when he started working with Chincoteague carver Arthur Leonard on gunning birds.

Over the past ten years, Marty took an interest in antique decoys.  In 2010, he entered the Lem and Steve Ward World Championship contemporary antique class for the first time and won 1st place in his category.  In the same year, he won 2nd Best in Show in Havre de Grace, Md.  Again in 2011, he entered the World Championship and won second place in the antique class with an antique goose and Best in Show at Havre de Grace with a shell duck drake. Since he started competing in 2010 Marty has several Best in show wins including the Lem and Steve Ward World Championship Contemporary Antique Division in 2018

Marty’s style of carving birds is inspired by many different locations and carvers.  His most recent master piece, a Northampton Virginia style Curlew, won the Lem and Steve Ward World Championship in Contemporary Antique division. This master piece was inspired by Cobb and Chincoteague styles.  Marty said his love for making antique decoys was inspired by many master carvers all over the Eastern Shore.

Artist Linda Phillips

Linda Phillips
Medium: Wildlife Painter

Featured Artist
Her love of the natural surroundings is reflected in the beauty and splendor of her subjects. Noted for her unusual ability to capture distinct details through soft, muted colors and tones, her work has an endearing quality and sensuality that delights the eye and touches the sol of everyone who sees it.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Linda developed a natural skill for drawing at an early age. She still approaches each new subject with that same child-like excitement and enthusiasm. As a self-taught artist, her work is unique and distinctive.

Linda’s art is displayed in galleries throughout the region. However, being semi-retired now, she produces only a limited number of works annually, primarily for select exhibitions and organizations. Well known for her generosity, thousands of dollars are raised each year because of her art donations to those organizations fund raising campaigns. Linda’s studio is in Suffolk, VA near the historic villages of Crittenden and Eclipse. Should you desire an appointment or further information, please call Linda at 757-620-9106.

Artist Janey Ogren

Janet Ogren
Medium: Wildlife Photographer & Painter

Featured Artist
I never attempted to create Art until I was 50 years old. It started with a dare from a neighborhood friend and instruction from a VB MOCA drawing class. At about that same time, I first went for my first trip to Kenya to photograph Wildlife.

Years and many classes and hours of practice later, I have developed my color filled style. Since I am a photographer, I choose to use only my photos as reference for my oil paintings and continue to explore different angles of light on my Wildlife subjects.

Currently, I have a studio with photography and paintings at The Virginia Beach Art Center and paintings at Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach. Learn more at: janetogrenphotography.com

Artist Doug Brady

Doug Brady
Medium: Woodcarver

Featured Artist
I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the small town of Oyster. I still reside on the shore today and I enjoy the quite way of life and everything to do with the water.

In the early 1990’s a relative of mine started carving ducks and shore birds. The first time I saw them I immediately had an interest in them. I started carving miniature ducks then moved on to shore birds. As I carved I thought about other things to try. I started doing fish and whales and eventually other things that were unique and different. I enjoy carving it takes time and patience but the finished product is worth it. I encourage anyone who is interested in trying carving to do so, they too may discover a hidden talent.


Artist Art Latimer

Art Latimer
Medium: Fish Carver

Featured Artist
Is Air Force retired, from the Eclipse Village of Suffolk, VA, married to the former Mary Ainslie Saunders Hazelwood, started carving and painting fish, salt and fresh water species, in 1992. An avid fisherman, when he could not catch fish, he made them from wood and copper.

Art initially made them from old barn wood and called them folk fish as they were not painted in their true colors but a combination of colors women and men alike seemed to prefer. He sold hundreds of them in retail stores, museums, craft shows and from a website. He then started carving and painting fish in their original shapes and colors and has sold hundreds more, plus donating many to local charities, his Rotary Club, churches, and other organizations.

He makes them in many different sizes from 6 to 40 inches. Most of them he places on wood bases, but uses “rusted” fish stringer chain for hanging some fish. Some customers prefer patina copper fins; others prefer the burned copper look.

An idea for a different fish resulted in him painting a rockfish in college colors and using logo stickers to further id them. He refers to them as collegiate fish. Sold them to his north Suffolk rotary members for $100 each and donated $50 for each fish sold to a rotary charity. Others saw them and placed orders for their college or their kids’ college. They make unique, great gifts. He found “Nemo” which has become a favorite for many. Special orders can be sent to art thru the Suffolk cultural art center gift shop. Picture is of Art working in work clothes in his workshop where he is most days.