Starting on October 12, 2020!

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

*Lunches Provided*

See Daily Schedule Below


$10 per week*

*with Boys & Girls Club membership

COVID-19 guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions


  • 8:00am-8:30am –  Drop-off
  • 8:30am-12pm – School-work with Room Facilitator
  • 12pm-1pm – Lunch
  • 1pm-5:30pm – Break-out art classes (varies each day)
  • 5:30-6pm – Pick-up

Break-out Arts Schedule

*Instructor Information


  • Abstract Painting
    • *Rhona Lynn Dawson
  • African-Culture Dance
    • *Alicia Edwards


  • Popping Dance
    • *Jose Eric Cruz
  • Culinary Arts
    • *Rolanda Hamlin


  • Basic Acting 101
    • *Darion Carr
  • Intro to Dance
    • *Alicia Edwards


  • Basic Music Theory
    • *Brittany Hamlin
  • Culinary Arts
    • *Rolanda Hamlin


  • Visual Arts
    • *Rhona Lynn Dawson
  • S.T.E.A.M.
    • *Michelle Wilcox
Information Flyer

Suffolk Arts Enrichment Program

The Suffolk Center has actively worked on a plan to allow for students to have a space to go and complete their school assignments, as well as engage in various art classes designed to enhance their learning. We have also partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to offer this program at a reduced rate. For this upcoming fall semester the Suffolk Center will be starting an Arts Enrichment Program for 3rd-10th grade (ages 8-16).

While enrolled in the Enrichment Program, students from local public, private, or home school will bring their personal curriculum’s (provided by the schools) to SCCA & we will provide room-facilitators to help them navigate through virtual learning. In the mornings, the students will have ample time to finish their course work and the room-facilitators will make sure they are getting their work done. In the afternoons, each day the students will have the opportunity to engage in various courses such as: Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Culinary Arts, Theater, & S.T.E.A.M. These courses are taught by professional instructors. Find more information on our instructors HERE.

The students will be assigned to an age-appropriate group of 10 or less. There will be temperature checks before each day, social distanced individual spaces, mask-wearing, and frequent cleanings. For more thorough guidelines please click HERE.

The program will be in session starting October 12 – November 20. Program might continue if schools are still virtual. Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. Parents have the option to register for 1 week at a time or the full 6-weeks. Registration cost is $10 with Boys & Girls Club Membership. (See below)

This project is partially funded by a grant from the Obici Healthcare Foundation.

This program is in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club. For enrollment in the Suffolk Arts Enrichment Program, all students must be members of the Boys & Girls Club. Please fill out the form below and pay the annual $20 fee to Boys & Girls Club before registering for the Enrichment Program.

Boys & Girls Club Membership Form – PDF
Boys & Girls Club Membership Form – DOC