POPPING (Ages 10-16)

Nine-Week Class

Tuesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Cost: $80 per 9-week session, supplies included

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2020-21 Class Sessions

Fall Session: Sept. 22 – Nov. 17, 2020

Instructor: Jose Eric Cruz

Location: Dance Studio, 1st floor

Ages: Students, Ages 10-16

Registration required. Space is limited and classes are subject to participation minimums. Register online up to a week prior to a session starting or by calling 757-923-0003.

Class Detail:Popping is a theatrical style of street dance that comes from the west coast California and was inspired from the art form known as Robotting in the mid to late 70s. The focus of Popping is a balance of body and muscle control, free range of motion, dancing and illustrating to the music.