Painting Locations

Suffolk Plein Air Festival Painting Locations

The Suffolk Plein Air Festival committee has secured permission for artists and art enthusiasts to gather for this outdoor painting experience in our beautiful city that is SUFFOLK!

Artists can paint at any of these locations throughout the Plein Air Festival, September 9-11.  The artists may find other locations that strike them as “painting worthy” during the festival, so painters are not limited to these locations.

Suffolk’s Main Street

Prentis House Main StreetMain StreetObici Foundation House

321 N Main St

Scott Carr’s Office 400 N Main St

St Paul’s Episcopal Church, 213 N Main St

Suffolk Christian Church 216 N main St

227 N Main St

Griffin Farm (7902 Crittenden Road): water views, river house, fields, barns, crops

Johnson and Son’s Seafood (1504 White Dogwood Trail, Suffolk): work boats, crab and oyster house, Chuckatuck Creek Bridge

Lake Prince Woods (100 Anna Goode Way, Suffolk): water views, forest, wild life, landscaping

Johnson’s Garden Center (3201 Holland Road, Suffolk): gardens, farm land, crops, water, marsh, buildings

Fishing Station at Lake Cahoon (Pitchkettle Road, Suffolk): small fishing boats, bait shop, wildlife

Decoy’s Marina (3305 Ferry Road, Suffolk): pleasure boats, marina, restaurant, bridge, boathouse, nocturnal

Everet’s Road: (6035 Everet’s Road) unique barns, crops, water views

Sandy Point: (1852 Pitchkettle Road): water views, wild life, fishing, spillway

Jordan Sunflower Farm (Labrador Lane):  CF and Linnie Jordan have planted sunflowers specifically timed to blossom in early September!

Cotton Farm Lane: water views, marsh, horses, picturesque tree covered lane

Milteer’s (1500 Sawmill Point Road, Suffolk): cows, barns, fields, water views, boats

We are excited to reveal the list of Plein Air Painting Locations! Scroll down for the comprehensive list!