HOMESCHOOL ART APPRECIATION: The Impressionists (Ages 6-12)

Nine-Week Class

Tuesdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Cost: $130 per session, supplies included

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2019-20 Class Sessions

Winter Session: Jan. 14 – March 10, 2020

Instructor: Beth Blanchard

Location: Art Room A, 3rd Floor at SCCA

Ages: Students, Ages 6-12

Registration required. Space is limited and classes are subject to participation minimums. Register online up to a week prior to a session starting or by calling 757-923-0003.

Class Detail: Join Art Appreciation: The Impressionists for my favorite time in art history. Europe has left the middle ages far behind with the eruption of science, math, literature, and religion during the Renaissance. What does art look like post-renaissance? It has all the benefits of modern thinking with a greater appreciation of the world..  Artists are embracing the outdoors, the behind the scenes, the everyday life, and finding the beauty in it all.  Monet is painting sunsets and water lilies, Cassatt is painting from a woman’s perspective.  Degas is backstage with his pastels drawing the ballerinas. Linnaeus and Audubon’s drawings are expanding the study of life. Van Gogh is breaking from tradition and creating art the way he sees it,  For this session we will make floating chalk prints, impressionist paintings with techniques like pointillism and impasto. We will look scientifically at the world around us and draw what we see. We will work with pastels like Degas. We will study the artists, the history of the times, and the shifts in thinking and ideas all the while doing fun and colorful art.  Appropriate for grades 1-6.