Six-Week Class

Wednesdays 10am – 11am

Cost: $55 per 6-week session

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2018-19 Class Sessions

Spring Session: April 17 – May 22, 2019

Instructor: Kiawna Brinson

Location: Dance Studio A/B, 1st Floor at SCCA

Ages: Adults, 18+


Registration required. Space is limited and classes are subject to participation minimums. Register online up to a week prior to a session starting or by calling 757-923-0003.

Class Detail:

FIT TO FUNCTION is a class designed to focus on the body’s seven primal movements; squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend and gait. Sedentary lifestyles decrease in mobility and balance as we age can make every day, ordinary movements of the body a lot harder than intended. Performing functional movements helps our bodies to thrive and survive.  This style of exercise is also great for those who may suffer from Parkinson ’s disease as it is a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility and activities of daily living.

Participants are welcome to perform movements seated or standing, and any age is welcome!  Class duration is an hour. Classes will be modified according to fitness levels, limitations, etc.  As an extra added bonus, stretching and breathing techniques will also be incorporated into some sessions. Why not come out and give it a try?  You owe it to yourself to be fit to function!